DERMCARE Natural Shampoo




  • Gentle, cleansing hypoallergenic shampoo.
  • Great for animals with sensitive skin.
  • Use on allergic animals without secondary infections.
  • Shampoo prior to insecticidal rinse or spot-ons.
  • Soap free & pH neutral.
  • Removes doggie smell and replaces with a pleasant coconut fragrance.
  • Suitable for dogs, cats and horses of any age.



  • A stabilised suspension of superfine colloidal Oatmeal, renowned for its soothing, anti-itch properties.
  • An emollient and cooling Aloe Vera gel.


Directions For Use

First wet the animal’s coat, then apply NATURAL shampoo at several points and massage gently into the coat. A sponge may assist lathering. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat procedure for added coat lustre. After bathing dry the animal’s coat.


Natural Shampoo is Ideal For

  • Normal animals with concerned owners.
  • Frequent bathing situations.
  • Helping with allergies particularly atopy or contact dermatitis, by physically removing any allergens or irritants from the skin surface.
  • As an ‘in-clinic’ hydrobath shampoo.
  • For dirty dogs.
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