GROOMTECH SuperDry Chamois / Shammy – Large Size


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3 in stock

Item Description

  • Excellent pliability and elasticity allows effective cleaning on fragile objects.
  • Its lint free, can be wrung easily and leaves no smears.
  • Pulls water off the coat like a sponge, dry quickly and easily.
  • Double layered with an inner lining, durable and long lasting.
  • Made of heavyweight, non-woven viscose, this material absorbs up to 10 times its weight in liquid.
  • Easy cleaning, no hair will stick on. Much better than tradditional towels.
  • 66cm x 43cm x 0.2cm in size.
  • Can be cut to any size for small area.
  • We have¬†BLUE, PURPLE, CREAMY YELLOW, LIGHT GREEN and PINK¬†colour, random pick unless specified in the order (subject to stock availability).


* A must for groomers, vets, kennels, hospitals

* Ideal for camping, swimming, tennis and beach

* Great for kitchen and car wash

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